Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recipes: A delicious Turkey Club (and a so-so Pumpkin-Bean Soup)

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Last night, I tried a recipe for a pumpkin and bean soup and another for a turkey club with avacado aioli and a tomato/olive topping. The pumpkin and bean soup was so-so; I would have liked it to be thicker and it tasted a bit flat. 

But the turkey club--which I adapted from this Pillsbury recipe--was delicious. Since it was only going to be for my husband and me (I made speghetti for the kids), I used only one roll of dough, brushed it with oil, salt and basil, and popped it in the oven. While it baked, I made the aioli by smushing together half an avacado, a few tablespoons of mayonaise, and a large clove of chopped garlic. Because I was out of lettuce and red onion, I combined two chopped tomatoes with half a can of chopped olives and three or four chopped green onions; I added a few tablespoons of olive oil and red wine vinegar and let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes. By the time I microwaved a few slices of bacon, the bread was ready to come out of the oven. After it cooled a bit, I sliced a chunk off the loaf and cut it in half, smeared it with aioli, and piled on a slice of white American cheese, several slices of sliced turkey, a couple of pieces of bacon, and the tomatoe and olive mixture. Be sure to add a fork to the plate--both my husband I ended up using one, heh.

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