Friday, February 4, 2011

Receipes: An easy and delicious chicken curry

A few days ago, I made a delicious crockpot chicken curry by tweaking a receipe, In a Hurry Chicken Curry, from a Better Homes and Gardens soup publication. I doubled the amount of vegetables (from 16oz to 32oz) and used fresh vegetables instead of frozen: about eight or so ounces of chopped baby carrots, one large onion roughly chopped, and half a head of cauliflower broken into pieces. I also used two cans of cream of potato soup and mixed in three tablespoons of curry (we love this spice). Instead of chicken thights, I used about a pound of frozen chicken breast tenderloins. I layered it all in the crockpot as directed: vegetables on the bottom, then the chicken, with the potato/curry mixture spread over the top. As an afterthought, I added about 1/4 cup of chicken broth, pouring it around the sides so it would sink to the bottom with the vegetables to give them a little more moisture since I had doubled the amount; next time, I'll add it at the same time I put the vegetables in. I cooked it on high for two hours and then on low for another two. After I served it into bowls, I added a dollop of Greek yogurt. Very yummy!

(I neglected to take a photo of the soup, but you can find one at the link above!)


  1. I'm planning to try this recipe, but I had a questions about the vegetables. I din't use using curry a lot, but my husband wants me to start using it more often because he read that some people in some part of india that eat lots of curry don't get Alzheimer's. So--what do you think are the absolutely best vegetables to use in a curry?

  2. yikes sorry for all the typos! should have edited.

  3. i love cauliflower, onions, carrots and green beans in curry. i've often seen recipes that include peas, tomatoes (very yummy with curry, i think), zucchini, eggplant, spinach and peppers, too.