Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recipe: Ginger tea

image: mine

Tea is liquid wisdom.  ~Anonymous

I've always enjoyed a cup of tea, but one of my more recent discoveries has been fresh ginger tea. Easy to make--just peel and slice half a dozen pieces of the root, place in a tea strainer, pop in a tea pot and heat. A lot of folks say to boil or steep it for 20 minutes; the longer you steep, the spicier the taste. Add a little honey, sugar or sweeter if you like. Ginger tea is touted to be good for everything from treating vertigo to reflux and upset stomachs to allergies and the common cold. But mostly, I just like it because it tastes good, heh.


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  2. hi there, may i featured your ginger tea photo for my college project (packaging class), i'll credit you and its for educational only, not for commercial use. thanks before :)

  3. if it is for educational use, that is fine! please do not use commercially -- thank you!