Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recipes: French Chicken Stew

image: mine

Looking for a yummy stew for a winter night? This French Chicken Stew from Better Homes and Gardens is a good option. There's very little prep, other than cutting up some vegetables, opening a can or two, and uncorking a bottle of wine.

Because I like my soups veggie heavy, I added a little to each veggie item, cut back on the meat, and then added a little more wine and chicken stock. In my crockpot, I loaded four cups of mushrooms (I used shiitake); a little over a cup each of sliced baby carrots and quartered petite red potatoes; a little over half cup each of chopped sweet onion, fresh green beans and canned chopped olives (I used used two small cans); a can of diced tomatoes, about a cup and a quarter of chicken stock and three quarters cup of white wine; two heaping tablespoons quick cooking tapioca, a couple of teaspoons de Provence spice (I didn't use any thyme) and dashes of black pepper and salt (I was careful with the salt because my chicken stock already had some). I mixed it all together and laid a little over a pound of frozen chicken breast tenderloins on top (instead of chicken thighs). I cooked it on high for a couple of hours, stirred it all together, and then reduced it to low for a few more. About half an hour before we were ready to eat, I put in 14 ounces of organic marinara sauce. I popped a loaf of Pillsbury french bread in the oven (brushed with oil, salt and basil seasoning) and served it all with a bottle of French wine. Very, very tasty!

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